Do You Know About Functional Food?

Do You Know About Functional Food?

The food you give your pet can go far beyond meeting basic nutritional requirements

Better nutrition, better breath...who can argue against that?

Do you want to do something about your pet's bad breath?  Is their teeth full of nasty smelling (and ugly looking) deposits?  Brushing can help...but did you know that there's much more you can do? 

If you want to fix bad breath, you have to look at the overall system, not just the place where the breath comes out.  Help your pet develop a more resilient digestive system by giving them Pepper & Squeaky Pet Food.  Not only is its nutritional value locked in via the Freeze Drying process (which itself minimizes odor) it also contains natural prebiotics and probiotics that encourage overall gut health. 

A healthy gut is more efficient and less likely to produce bad odors from either end of your pet  It also contributes to many other very positive long-term outcomes such as heightened quality of life and better health. not just less horrible smelling breath.