Do You Know About Functional Food?

The food you give your pet can go far beyond meeting basic nutritional requirements

Better nutrition, better breath...who can argue against that?

Do you want to do something about your pet's bad breath?  Is their teeth full of nasty smelling (and ugly looking) deposits?  Brushing can help...but did you know that there's much more you can do? 

Avoid Excessive Vaccinating

Modern Medicine Is Not Always So Miraculous

Our Position On Vaccinations Is "Only When Absolutely Necessary"

Our position on vaccinations is that they are necessary, but also dangerous and not something to be administered lightly.  As a pet owner, you should be aware of the fact that it is possible to over-vaccinate your pet.  In keeping with our holistic health beliefs, we believe that pet owners should vaccinate, but as little as possible - and always within the confines of the law. 

Carbs are BAD for Your Pet

Eating The Wrong Stuff Can Kill You

The Dangerous Game of Ingesting Strange Things

There's an old Chinese proverb says "We eat anything with four legs and its back to the sky, except the table!"  It's no wonder.  Hunger can make you do crazy things, and it appears that there's little on the face of this planet that someone, somewhere at some time hasn't attempted to eat. 

Have You Ever Massaged Your Pet?

It's Good For Both Of You

Play is Great for Bonding

Whenever the weather is good, we are sure that you make plans to spend some quality time outdoors with your four-legged friends.  Pets in the prime of life need regular exercise, and their capacity for exercise is much greater than that of people.  Many people have to use accessories like bicycles and roller blades to be able to generate the amount and intensity of activity that their pets require, especially if the breed is at all specialized for hunting.

Vital Organs Are Vital

Have The Guts To At Least Try!

Nature's Way is Often the Best Way

Spot On Products Are No Good

There's No Question That Spot On Products Are Harmful

Before You Dab, Research!

Before you apply any kind of Spot On product to your pet, take some time to read and investigate its ingredients.  You need to do everything we can to mitigate their toxicity because, by definition, all Spot On products are poisons and therefore toxic. 

The Trouble With Kibble

Avoid Kibble

Why Do We Live So Unnaturally?

We understand why so many pet owners choose to feed their pets pre-processed dog food.  It's convenient.  It's easy.  It's fast.  A lot of people simply do not have the time to prepare fresh food even for themselves much less for their pets, so they turn to pre-packaged food as an alternative. 

Chemical Flea Collars Are POISON

Our Position On Flea Collars Is Simple: "Do Not Use Them!"

Why?  Because of How They Work

Chemical flea collars are, by design, full of poison that either scares off or just plain kills insects.  The chemicals involved are very toxic.  By toxic - we mean for the pet wearing the collar, for you, for your family and for any other pets you may have in the house with them.

Keeping it Natural

You Might Be Surprised By How Good It Feels

A Modest Proposition

How about trying out a "Keeping It Natural" lifestyle for just a month?  To accomplish this, just do your best to make sure that everything that you and your pet are exposed to is as natural as possible.

Is Your Pet Obese?

Pets Are Made In Our Image

Food is serious stuff.  Since time immemorial, nations have struggled to devise effective and reliable ways to feed their population as the seasonal availability of certain crops and foodstuffs waxed and waned.