Chemical Flea Collars Are POISON

Chemical Flea Collars Are POISON

Our Position On Flea Collars Is Simple: "Do Not Use Them!"

Why?  Because of How They Work

Chemical flea collars are, by design, full of poison that either scares off or just plain kills insects.  The chemicals involved are very toxic.  By toxic - we mean for the pet wearing the collar, for you, for your family and for any other pets you may have in the house with them.

Are Flea Collars a Form of Olfactory Torture?

Considering the fact that your pet's sense of smell is thousands of times more sensitive than yours, just imagine what you are doing to their quality of life as they wear a chemical flea collar.  If you think they smell bad, imagine what your pet thinks!

Flea Collars Are Dangerous For Your Children & Other Pets

Children stick everything in their mouth, including their fingers.  If you have children, please make sure they know that the collar is full of poison and that they should not touch the collar or the area of the neck where the collar rests, so as to avoid coming into contact with the active ingredient, which is a deadly poison.  The biggest problem with this is that children tend to pet the head of all pets, or hang around the next of larger ones, which puts them in close contact with a source of deadly poison.

It's a Collar...So You Can Take It Off!

If you feel you must use a chemical flea collar, despite all of the risks, you still have options.  Don't forget that flea collars are removable!  You can put the flea collar on the pet when they are going outside, and then take it off and put it in a plastic bag or container when they come back inside.  To avoid the hassle of putting on, taking off and safely storing what is at the end of the day a toxic pet accessory, you can always explore alternative, safer, all-natural flea and tick management solutions with us.

We Have a Product That Can Help

Aromadog Flea Flicker is a veterinarian-recommended Flea, Tick and Mosquito Deterrent.  Its strong camphoric scent of leleshwa, peppermint, and eucalyptus combines to make a nice-smelling insect repellent that naturally blends with your dogs own oils.

Our Catalog Of Flea & Tick Products

People are always welcome to visit our website and explore our catalog of flea, tick and other insect management products.

Where Can I Go For More Information?

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