PrePro - Natural Blend of Prebiotics, Probiotics and Enzymes (2 lb)

PrePro - Natural Blend of Prebiotics, Probiotics and Enzymes (2 lb)

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PrePro contains a blend of direct fed microbials is important to support healthy digestive processes. Crucial to an animal's gut are the "friendly bacteria" for microbial balance. Prebiotics (Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)) are added to this probiotic blend help increase the nutrients needed for specific bacteria to survive.  Digestive enzymes are used to help break down food for proper digestion and absorption.  Wonderful to use before and after worming or antibiotic protocols.  The bacteria components of Pre Probiotics are freeze dried and stabilized with moisture scavenging silicates so they do not need to be refrigerated.  It has 10 billion CFU per 10 gm serving.


All in all

  • Probiotics - "friendly bacteria" that normally exist in the intestinal tract
  • Prebiotics - foods and nutrients to increase the chances of "friendly bacteria" growing in the intestines
  • Digestive Enzymes - proteins that break down foods into nutrients that the body can readily digest



  • A complete and well balanced blend for the digestive tract to ensure that the stomach and intestines can function properly
  • Helps in the breakdown of starches and proteins and in the digestion of soluble fibers and fats
  • Use prior to deworming, in stressful situations, and for animal on long term medications


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  • Recommended doate is 10 grams per horse per day.
  • Recommended dosage may be safely doubled during times of increased demands, show or competition schedule, stallions in heavy service, mares in gestation or lactation, or any adverse or taxing conditions.
  • Enclosed scoop holds 10 grams when level-full.



  • A proprietary blend of calcium carbonate, fructooligo-saccharide (from chicory extract), Aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract, and dried fermentation products of: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus casei, Enterococcus faecium, Bifidobacterium thermophilum, and Bifidobacterium longum.
  • Concentrated formula.  No additives or fillers.