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Massaged with Arf-ritis Pain Relief
I massaged my dog with Arf-ritis Pain Relief and after 10 min, he zonked-out!  He calmed down shortly after I started massaging.
I tried five minutes each side (left and right). His eyes closed and he slept so soundly that I dont even want to get myself off the couch and wake him!  Hope he can walk around more comfortably soon.
Thanks Vego for introducing this product to us!
Alice Lam

用左關節炎止痛香薰按摩按咗十分鐘,已經瞓著咗喇~  謝謝你的介紹   
是的,他很快平靜下來後,我開始按摩。 五分鐘每邊(左和右)。他的雙眼緊閉,10分鐘後睡得如此甜蜜,我甚至不離開沙發怕喚醒他!

Alice Lam
Mane and Tail Spray

Great service and fast shipping.  Love the mane and tail and the hand cream, they smell really wonderful.  Thank you.

Candice Shandberg
Ricochet works GREAT!

Ricochet works great.  It works better than the chemical spray that I have been using for my horse.  I usually  need to reapply the spray half-way through my riding lesson but with Ricochet, one spray in the beginning, it works fine. I love it.  Thank you.

Sarah Taylor
Ricochet Works!
I have used Ricochet Spray on my dog for about 2 months now.  It works great!  I spray him with it every time before we go out and I have not found any fleas since.  It also smells very citrus fresh!  Ricochet Works!  
Abby Choi

驅蟲噴霧效果好!  我家的狗狗用左 Ricochet 天然驅蟲噴霧 大約2個月.  效果好好!  我會每次出街前用,回家後就再無發現有蝨.  驅蟲噴霧味道重好清新,我已再無用其他驅蟲劑。 

Abby Choi
SNM Poultice SAVED our Horse

I started using the poultice on my semi-retired 25 y.o. thoroughbred gelding. He had a bad trim & between his sensitive soles on gravel & a major angle change to the hoof he was dead lame. His deep digital tendons were pulsing & hot. I was worried about founder & the possibility of a bowed tendon. The poultice made a tremendous difference & kept his legs cool & tight. I recommend Sore No-More products to clients & use it in my protocols.

Meagan Kelly
Liniment Relaxes my Horse...

Every time I took the Sore No More Liniment bottle out of my groom box, my horse would immediately respond with a very relaxed gesture - he was ready for his massage!  I love Sore No More Liniment, it helps me bond with my horse.  Thank you! 

Mei Mei Tsoi
SNM for Massage

Have been using Sore No More Liniment during my massages lately.  I must say I now swear by it! It is a fantastic liniment.

Victoria Desmarais
Steadfast & Dog Mobility

Our dog's mobility has decreased significantly recently due to age (he is 18).  We took Steadfast for about 1 week, we noticed significant level increase of movement and energy.  It works like magic.  Our energetic dog is back!  We recommend it to any aged dogs or dogs with joint problems. 

Mei Mei Tsoi
Steadfast helps with trachea issue

My 4 years old sheepdog sometimes made honking sounds and we understood it could be caused by weak cartilage on his throat and leaded to trachea to narrow/ collapse.  After discussing with Senior Dog Care, we decided to give Steadfast Canine a try as it has choindroitin sulfate which can help strengthen cartilage.  Magically, in less than 1 month, the honking sounds went away and he is more comfortable than ever.  Thank you so much!

Jeff Ng
我4歲的牧羊犬,有時會鳴喇叭的聲.  我們理解可能是因為喉嚨軟骨比較弱導至氣管縮窄. 跟老犬心得討論後,我們決定比佢試 堅定犬, 因為有軟骨素可能幫到氣管軟骨.  神奇地不到1個月, 鳴喇叭的聲已再沒有了. 現在他比以往更舒服. 謝謝.
Jeff Ng