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Tumoxil (1oz)

Tumoxil is an organic natural formula that may help with fatty tumors on your pet.

Tumoxil is an herbal product designed to eliminate Lipoma's (benign fatty lumps in canines).  Lipomas are benign fatty lumps that appear in middle to older dogs, they also appear in over weight females. Certain dog breeds are more acceptable in developing Lipomas. Tumoxil is designed to eliminate Lipomas in canines.


Tumoxil is a powerful blend of herbs that:

Works synergistically with the normal functions of the body

Helps support the body’s natural ability to reduce toxic, fatty build-up under the skin.


This natural blend can be used to support proper bodily functions and immunity in the body.


Characteristic of Lipomas in canine
Lipomas (fatty tumors) are soft masses under the skin. They can be found anywhere on the body, but they are most frequently located on the belly (mid-chest and down) and upper legs. Most tumors grow slowly and do not usually spread to other parts of the body. They are freely moveable under the skin, not painful, usually no hair loss, and they don't cause redness or irritation to the skin. In most cases dogs develop Lipomas as a natural result of the aging process.


Made In USA


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  • Chaparral, Lobelia, Nettle, Mullaca, Burdock Root, Tayuya, Yellow Dock, Sheep Sorrel, Cat's Claw, Samambia


    Under 3 lbs 1 0.03 986
    3-10 lbs 3 0.09 329
    11-25 lbs 5 0.15 197
    26-80 lbs 6 0.18 164
    81-150 lbs 8 0.24 123
    151-250 lbs 10 0.30 99

    (Continue to add 0.15 ml for every additional 100 lbs of body weight)




    • Shake well
    • Use 1 time a day
    • Select proper dosage from the chart include.
    • Be sure your pet has plenty of fluids to drink
    • Use orally not topically
    • Best is to give Tumoxil at least 20 minutes before eating or 2 hours after eating
    • If tumours has not become smaller after 30 days, dosage is increase to 2 times a day.
    • When tumours disappear, use it for 3-4 more weeks.  



    • For animal with pancreatic or liver dysfunction, it is recommended to add 1 drop of hotwater to every drop, wait for it to cool before feeding.