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Dr. Dobias GreenMin for Cats

A unique, ALL NATURAL FELINE SUPERFOOD FORMULA rich in essential minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll and vitamins that are vital for your cat's optimum health and longevity. Nourishment for every cell, every organ, every body: Dietary deficiencies are one of the primary causes of chronic disease and premature aging in cats. Intensive agriculture has depleted soils of minerals and other nutrients which affects the whole food chain including your feline friend.


GreenMin supports:


  • better energy and greater stamina
  • improved mobility and joint health
  • strong bones and hips
  • a shinier, healthier and richer coat
  • optimal cell, gland and organ function
  • better digestion and nutrient absorption





  • Special cat formula meets specific requirements and taste preference of both.
  • Gentle Detoxing and Cleansing: GreenMin helps to eliminate harmful heavy metals and toxins.
  • GreenMin is economical: 1 jar lasts for 6 – 9 months for an average cat.



MADE IN CANADA  (Expiry: 11/2017)


* SPECIAL * 特價* $199

Price HK$ 299.00
  • Organic raw Alga Calcarea (Brazil), Organic raw Barley Grass (USA)

  • Dosage: up to 5kg - 1/4 tsp daily; over 5kg - 1/2 tsp daily.