Has the Vicious Cycle Begun?

Fri, 03/27/2015



Sometimes the best of intentions lead to a vicious cycle of veterinarian interventions...because of the veterinarian!



An All Too Familiar Story


Your dog seems very itchy, so as a very responsible parent, you take your dog to your usual vet, the one who conducts yearly body-check and vaccinations for your dog).  After checking your dog, your vet concluds that the itch is due to an allergic reaction resulting from insect bites, so they:




  • Administer an antihistamine
  • Inform you that you should use some kind of flea repellent, either a collar or drops monthly on the body (such as Frontline) to prevent future bites.   
  • Administer a deworming tablet or injection, to ensure that your dog did not get worms from the bite,
  • Presecribe a monthly de-worming program.
  • Remind you that your pet needs their annual vaccine soon.



While at first you felt very good for having taken your dog to the vet, and you also feel happy that their problems have all been addressed, now the animal seems worse off than ever.  Why?  Because their entire system has been subjected to a series of literal "body blows".  Let's not forget, western medicine can be highly toxic, with many side effects, some of them very long lasting.


What do you think?  Could a vicious cycle have begun?



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