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If your vet does the following two things, you might want to look for another pet health provider right away!


Danger Signs

1. Vaccinate your pet with immunity issues (ex: allergy, kennel cough, cold and flu, hot spots …)
2. Continue to recommend yearly vaccination


For those of you do not want to do your own research, here is why: Having immunity issues means your pet is sick and its own immunity is confused and is not able to protect its own body and in some cases attacks its own body. The "supposed" reason for vaccination is to challenge and train the body's immunity so when the actual bacteria or viruses reach the body, the immune system knows how to fight the bacteria or viruses off.


So why it is bad to give vaccine when your immunity is already messed up? Because the body’s immunity will not be able to properly deal with these injected diseases and it will further compromise the immunity and confuse the body resulting in acute reactions or chronic diseases. As mentioned in many of my other postings, the guidance for non core vaccine has been changed to minimum 3 years (although it is proven to last much longer).


This new guidance came about when vaccine reactions had become more common coincide with actual research concluded most of the vaccines last more than 7 years. Your vet should know both of these points very well and if they are still recommending vaccination, they are confused and you should RUN


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